An engineering company… a company of engineers!

Altogether, our team has vast experience in all traits of engineering and management throughout several countries and continents.

Roads in Mozambique, water and sanitation in Zambia, water treatment plants for industry in Angola, housing and infrastructure in Portugal, Data-Centres in Cape Verde… Our engineers have done a bit of everything all around the world.

With Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers in our ranks, we strive to help you in the pursuit of your goals.

Our expertise

Housing & Industry
Construction & Refurbishment
Prefab & Modular
Concrete & Steel works


Pumps & Valves
Pumping Stations & Treatment Plants
Water & Sanitation
Compact Water Treatment Plants


4.0 Industry & IoT Solutions
Scada & PLC's
Control & Efficiency
Water & Energy


Power & Electronic Services
Renewable Energy & Efficiency
Electrical Contracting & ITED
Custom Control Pannels & Energy Management


Smart Farms & IoT
Automated Irrigation
Remote Monitoring & Control
Water & Energy Efficiency


Design & Consultancy
Architecture & Engineering
Due Diligence & Technical Reports
Licencing & Permits

Project Management